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Question Troubles with hadronic simulations at energies above 20 MeV 

Forum: Hadronic Processes
Date: 18 Nov, 2008
From: Gregor Simmer <Gregor Simmer>

Hi there
I'm simulating a Voxel-Phantom and the simulations work pretty well for Photons, Electrons and Muons.
But I have serial problems with Protons and Neutrons. Below about 20 - 30 MeV the simulation runs perfect.
But having neutrons as primary particles with primary energies above say 50 MeV the simulations start and keep running 
but most of the time suddenly the calculations seem to get stuck. 
They don't go on. 
I use the EventManager to print a message every 10,000 events. 
That's why I can see that the calculations seem to get stuck at the simulation at 1 particle 
because for days (!) no additional message from the EventManager is printed in the run.out-file.
I made my own hadronic physics list and here's what I use:
* Neutron Elastic Processes
   - G4NeutronHPThermalScattering till 4 eV
   - G4NeutronHPElastic from 4 eV to 20 MeV
   - G4LElastic above 20 MeV
* Neutron Inelastic Processes
   - G4NeutronHPInelastic till 20 MeV
   - G4PreCompoundModel from 20 MeV to 70 MeV as used in the LISA-Simulation
   - G4CascadeInterface from 70 MeV to 5 GeV (Bertini-Cascade)
   - G4HENeutronInelastic above 5 GeV

I really have no clue what's wrong here and why the calculations get stuck.
From the outside everything looks okay. CPU running and no errors occur. Sometimes an error occurs writing:
*** Error in G4HEInelastic::GenerateNBodyEvent
    total mass (1.87654) >= total energy (1.85209)
Could this be the reason?

Please help!!

Regards Gregor

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