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Question Binary Light Ion Reaction for Generic Ions 

Keywords: Binary Light Ion Reaction
Forum: Hadronic Processes
Date: 08 Jun, 2007
From: Rick Foster <>

I am attemptintg to try to use the Binary Light Ion model for for the inelastic process associated with genericIons (I had been using the Wilson Abrasion/Ablation Models).

the following code compiles fine, but when I run the code, my system crashes immediatly after seeing the message:

"Thank you for using G4BinaryCascade."

I am running Geant8.3 with Windows/XP + Visual Studio + Cygwin.

It appears to be crashing when while trying to create the model:
   G4BinaryLightIonReaction * blirInelasticModel= new G4BinaryLightIonReaction;

Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated

Thanks Rick


	else if (particleName == "GenericIon") {

	// Inelastic Process for Generic Ions
	// Uses Binary Light Ion Model .. 

	// Create instance of inelastic process for generic ions
	G4HadronInelasticProcess* hadInelasticProcess= new G4HadronInelasticProcess(

	// Load Cross Sections .. Last loaded is used first for energy range
        // Shen 0-10 GeV/nuc .. Tripathi 0-1 GeV/nuc
	G4IonsShenCrossSection* shenCS = new G4IonsShenCrossSection();
	G4TripathiCrossSection* tripathiData = new G4TripathiCrossSection();

	//Create an instance of the binary Light Ion reaction model and register it
	G4BinaryLightIonReaction * blirInelasticModel= new G4BinaryLightIonReaction;

	//Add the hadronic inelastic process to the list of discrete processes for the particle

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