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Keywords: No Model found for Hadronic Interaction using G4EnergyRangeManager
Forum: Hadronic Processes
Re: Question No Model found for Hadronic Interaction using G4EnergyRangeManager (Stephanie Hickford)
Date: 09 Feb, 2007
From: Ryan Romero <>

HI. I'm running Geant4.8.1 and I'm trying to set up hadronic processes for particles having
energies between .1 and 600 GeV. I occasionally get the following error when I'm running a shower
of several thousand protons.
G4EnergyRangeManager:GetHadronicInteraction: counter=1, Ek=24.565401, Material = Pure Aluminum, Element = Aluminum
*0* low=0, high=20
In src/, line 123:
===> GetHadronicInteraction: No Model found
Unrecoverable error for:
 - Particle energy[GeV] = 0.024565401
 - Material = Pure Aluminum
 - Particle type = neutron

*** G4Exception : 007
      issued by : G4HadronicProcess
ChooseHadronicInteraction failed.
*** Fatal Exception *** core dump ***

*** G4Exception: Aborting execution *** Aborted -------------------------------------------------------------

It seems only neutrons generate this error. I have inelastic and elastic process set forhe a range which includes the energy mentioned above yet there's and error. When I take away upper and lower bounds it says models overlap and it doesn't like this. How can I correc this problem?

Here is my hadronic's list code for neutrons.


//Elastic model and process for neutron G4HadronElasticProcess* thenElasticProcess= new G4HadronElasticProcess();

thenElasticProcess->AddDataSet(new G4NeutronHPElasticData);

G4LElastic* thenElasticModel=new G4LElastic();


G4NeutronHPElastic* theNeutronHPElasticModel=new G4NeutronHPElastic();




//INelastic model and process for neutron

G4HadronInelasticProcess* NeutIneProc=new G4NeutronInelasticProcess();

NeutIneProc->AddDataSet(new G4NeutronHPInelasticData);

G4LENeutronInelastic * NeutInModel=new G4LENeutronInelastic();




pmanager-> AddDiscreteProcess(thenElasticProcess);




pmanager->AddProcess(new G4UserSpecialCuts(),-1,-1,2);

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