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None Secondary transport error 

Forum: Hadronic Processes
Date: Nov 13, 12:22
From: Sanchit Sharma <Sanchit Sharma>

Respected Geant4 Users,

Greetings! I am fairly new to Geant4/C++ and need some advice from your end. I am building a 14 MeV Neutron source in my geometry. and I want to simulate secondary gammas, electrons, positrons and alpha particles as a result of neutronic interactions. I have made the geometry but I am not able to simulate the secondaries.

I have attached my Physics and .hh files along with this email. Can you please help me in understanding the errors?

Many Thanks

  Best Regards,

  Sanchit Sharma,
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/// \file PhysicsList.hh
/// \brief Implementation of the PhysicsList class (Mandatory)

#include "PhysicsList.hh"
#include <G4UnitsTable.hh>
#include <G4SystemOfUnits.hh>
#include <G4ProcessManager.hh>
#include <G4ProductionCutsTable.hh>
///////////////////////////////// Physics List
#include <G4HadronPhysicsFTFP_BERT_HP.hh>
#include <G4HadronElasticPhysicsHP.hh>
///////////////////////////////// PARTICLES
#include <G4Gamma.hh>
#include <G4Electron.hh>
#include <G4Positron.hh>
#include <G4Proton.hh>
#include <G4Neutron.hh>
#include <G4Alpha.hh>

#include <G4EmStandardPhysics.hh>
#include <G4EmExtraPhysics.hh>
#include <G4DecayPhysics.hh>

PhysicsList::PhysicsList() : 

RegisterPhysics(new G4EmStandardPhysics());
RegisterPhysics(new G4EmExtraPhysics());
RegisterPhysics(new G4DecayPhysics()); 
RegisterPhysics(new G4HadronPhysicsFTFP_BERT_HP()); 
RegisterPhysics(new G4HadronElasticPhysicsHP());
  // Here, you can (for example):
  // a) add physics constructors
  // b) set a reference physics list and use it

//  ; /

void PhysicsList::ConstructParticle()
  // Call parent method. Replace it, if required

void PhysicsList::ConstructProcess()
 // Call parent method. Replace it, if required

void PhysicsList::SetCuts()
  // The method SetCuts() is mandatory in the interface. Here, one just use 
  // the default SetCuts() provided by the base class.
  // Call parent method. Replace it, if required
/// \file PhysicsList.hh
/// \brief Definition of the PhysicsList class (Mandatory)


#include <G4VModularPhysicsList.hh>

/// Modular physics list

class PhysicsList : public G4VModularPhysicsList

  /// destructor
  virtual ~PhysicsList(){;};

  /// Builds particles
  void ConstructParticle(); 

  /// Build processes
    void ConstructProcess();

  /// Set user cuts
  void SetCuts();


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