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Question Energy deposited by FFs 

Forum: Hadronic Processes
Date: 24 Jun, 2018
From: Francesca <Francesca>


 I am simulating spontaneous fission from a transuranic isotope and neutron induced fission for the same isotope. For spontaneous fission I used the GEF code to know the FFs mass and energy distributions and then I generated them in the target (they are the primary particles). They are homogeneously emitted and I score their energy deposition in a gas. The results make sense. 

For neutron induced fission instead I use neutrons as primary particles, shoot them against the target and score the energy deposition of different particles in the gas. The results make no sense.

The PhysicsList I used is in attachment. I also export:


export AllowForHeavyElements=1

But in the results: 1) The majority of the FFs result 39Ar and 40Ar (as if I had not used the flag G4NEUTRONHP_PRODUCE_FISSION_FRAGMENTS), thought sometimes I get 12C, 40Cl and little more. 2) The energy the FFs deposit in the gas (volume big enough to stop all FFs) amounts to 10e+5 max 10e+6 eV. When I run the simulation for spontaneous fission (same geometry) instead all FFs (they are the primaries in that case, as written above) are stopped in the gas, where they loose up to 200 MeV.

Could anyone tell me how I can get the correct energy deposition for neutron induced fission, please? Should I activate something more? Or change my Physics List? Any help is welcome.

Thanks, Francesca

P.S. I can nor use the GEF code for neutron induced fission because I would not know the angular distribution of the FFs (for neutron induced fission, the FFs are not homogeneoulsy emitted).


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