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None Re: How to focus only on a few particular reactions? 

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Re: None How to focus only on a few particular reactions? (tbjc1magic)
Re: Idea Re: How to focus only on a few particular reactions? (Vladimir Ivanchenko)
Date: 09 Oct, 2017
From: tbjc1magic <tbjc1magic>


Thanks for replying to me. Actually I am not a newcomer and I have been using Geant4 for multiple years.

I think you are talking about simply run the reaction multiple times and only pick up the reactions which are interested to me. However, there will be a problem with this approach: the efficiency will be extremely low, <1%. I will be waiting forever to collect any useful information. So is there any way I can boost the cross section for some specific reactions?

Previously, what I have been doing is within one reaction, I shoot the beam first then randomly guessed where the reaction should happen, manually calculate the energies and angles for reaction products. Then just shoot the reaction products in the second run. This approach is very awkward in programming. It is non-readable for any other people using my code. That is why I am trying to do more hacking thing.


 On Mon, 09 Oct 2017 13:35:26 GMT, Vladimir Ivanchenko wrote:
> Hello,
> the most straightforward method is to perform all interactions but store
> results only for reactions of interest. It may happen, that you will
> need to run many events in order to get a subset of your favorite
> reactions. I would indeed to recommend to start from this if you are
> newcomer.
> Please note, that interrupting simulation histories by killing some
> particles may provide biased results. However, when you will be more
> familiar with Geant4 and with your setup you may think about usage of
> built-in biasing methods or your custom biasing of simulation if this is
> really needed.
> VI

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