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Question G4ParticleHPNames::GetName - data with Z>92 are not provided 

Forum: Hadronic Processes
Date: 14 Jun, 2017
From: Sergio Lo Meo <Sergio Lo Meo>

Dear all,

in my simulation (Geant4 version 10.3) on Ubuntu 14.04 I would like to create a material with a few percent of Pu (nat or Pu239).

I used FTFP_INCLXX_HP as PhysicsList.

In my DetectorConstrucion I wrote:

G4Element* elPu = G4NistManager::Instance()->FindOrBuildElement("Pu");

 G4Isotope* Pu239 = new G4Isotope(name="Pu239", zint=94, nint=239, A=239.0521634*g/mole);
  G4Element* elPu239  = new G4Element(name="elPu239", symbol="Pu239", ncomponents=1);
  elPu239->AddIsotope(Pu239, abundance= 100.*perCent);

and then:

 d = 10.168*g/cm3;
  G4Material* matFuel2 = new G4Material(name="matFuel2",d,ncomponents=3);

Compilation is ok, but when I gun a neutron I see:

Please contact Geant4 Hadron Group Coordinator
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'G4HadronicException'
  what():  std::exception
Annullato (core dump creato)

In the start up, I see the message:

"In /home/lomeo/g4v10.03/geant4.10.03/source/processes/hadronic/models/particle_hp/src/, line 97: ===> G4ParticleHPNames::GetName - data with Z>92 are not provided"

This problem is with Pu natural or isotope.

In my .bashrc I have:

source /home/lomeo/g4v10.03/geant4.10.3-install/bin/


but I have made some tests, modifying my .bashrc as:

export G4NEUTRONHPDATA=/home/lomeo/g4v10.03/geant4.10.3-install/share/Geant4-10.3.0/data/ENDF-VII0



export AllowForHeavyElement=1

but with the same problem...

How can I do to insert Plutonium together with a HP Physics List?

Thanks in advance

Best Regards

Sergio Lo Meo

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