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Question he3 energy losses  

Forum: Hadronic Processes
Date: 25 Apr, 2017
From: <elder>

Hello All,

  recently I have included he3 ions into my Geant4.10.1  simulations. My experimental setup is pretty simple: vacuum, air (400 mm), two sets of plastic BC-408 scintillation detectors (thin 2 mm and 20 mm thick).
In PhysicsList I have the following processes:

if (particleName == "alpha"||particleName == "deuteron"|| particleName == "He3" ||particleName == "triton")
      G4ionIonisation* ionIoni = new G4ionIonisation();
      pmanager->AddProcess(new G4hMultipleScattering, -1, 1, 1);
      pmanager->AddProcess(ionIoni,       -1, 2, 2);


When I check tritons energy losses in each part of the setup, the results seems ok (confirmed with TRIM calculations), whereas for He3 energy losses are too high. I have checked this for Geant4.10.1 as well as for the latest version of Geatn4. I have used ions energies around 100-200 MeV.

For example:

He3 :

~ 230 MeV to reach the thick detector (it should be around 40 MeV ...)

~ 120 MeV to reach the thin detector

tritons :

~ 40 MeV to reach the thick detector

~ 23 MeV to reach the thin detector

I have used defaultCutValue=0.02 mm and tested with higher and lower values, with no success for He3.

I am aware of the energy losses difference between he3 and tritons. I have also generated monoenergetic paricles and I have checked the energy losses of the 100 MeV he3-ions in 4 cm thick drift chamber (volume filled with a gas) and it is about 20 MeV (!!). Whereas for tritons it is 0.5 MeV. For the air layer of 300 mm i have got for 100MeV tritons energy loss about 1 MeV, whereas for he3 with the same energy about 30 MeV. I should have get about 4 MeV ...

Can U comment on this ? It seems like for He3 stopping power is too high.

Thank U.

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