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None Simulation of Cf252 SF beta spectrum 

Forum: Hadronic Processes
Date: 21 Dec, 2016
From: Jim Streuli <Jim Streuli>


I'm a novice user/undergrad, and have been working on a simulation that is supposed to model the beta energy spectrum that comes from the spontaneous fission decay products from Cf252. The package I'm using is Geant4.10.02.p02

An actual experiment will have a small source of Cf252, and the beta particles will traverse through a collimated beam, through a dipole magnetic field, hit a detector, and the energy output will be read. Then end goal is to get a precise measurement of the beta spectrum of Cf252 since previous experiments do not agree with theory, etc.

What I have done thus far is modified example B2b, (photo attached). I have manipulated some objects, and have localized the magnetic field to a certain area. As of right now, the simulation uses G4ParticleGun, to fire a beam of electrons, (instead of muons), which was what was initially used in the example. The energy level is discreet, and the output is placed into a .txt file, and plotted with python.

First, what I'd like to do is exchange the electrons for a source of Cf252. However, there are a couple of questions that I have:

1. Should I use G4GeneralParticleSource? And how should I use it exactly?

2. When I worked with the rdecay01 example, and changed Cf238 to Cf252, it appears that spontaneous fission never took place. I've read up on this issue, and for whatever reason, it seems that the spontaneous fission process isn't working? Other readings say that I need to include the LLNL libraries, but I'm not sure how to incorporate them...

Later on I want to add things like fringe fields, possibly fringe field focusing, etc.

It would seem that if I were able to somehow combine examples B2b with rdecay01, since B2b has the detector setup that I want, and rdecay01 has the decay, (if I could just figure out how to get spontaneous fission to work), and the analysis implemented that I want, that it would be the best option. But I'm really pulling my hair out trying to figure this all out.

I'd appreciate any assistance anyone can give.

Thanks, Jim


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