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Re: Note INCLXX plus ABLA/PRECO (Alexey Solovyev)
Re: None Re: INCLXX plus ABLA/PRECO (Davide Mancusi)
Re: None Re: INCLXX plus ABLA/PRECO (Alexey Solovyev)
Date: 04 Mar, 2016
From: Davide Mancusi <Davide Mancusi>

On Fri, 04 Mar 2016 09:53:07 GMT, Alexey Solovyev wrote:
> Thank you for you kind explanation. But now I have one thing to clarify:
> if I instantiate only G4INCLXXInterface (e.g. in my ConstructProcess)
> with no other models and than using G4AblaInterface (no matter with
> messenger or directly), what will be used for <1 MeV region? Still
> PreCompound despite the fact I instantite ABLA or nothing and resulting
> in wrong/long simulation results (and so I might need to instantite
> something to this energy range)?

PreCompound will be used. If you look at


at the beginning of the G4INCLXXInterface constructor, you will see that PreCompound is instantiated even if you do not pass it as an argument. The purpose of the argument is just to recycle an existing PreCompound model instance.

> Manual page was from 10.2 judging by number at the bottom, sorry if it
> was confusing. But what I also experienced in 10.2 (comparing to
> 10.1p02, didn't tried 10.2.p01 nor 10.1.p03 yet) that INCL-based physics
> (tested QGSP_INCLXX and G4HadronPhysicsINCLXX+G4IonINCLXXPhysics) are
> much more memory consumable (SLC6, gcc49, MT mode, assuming ofc all my
> user code remains the same).

This is very strange because essentially nothing changed in INCL++ between 10.1 and 10.2. Can you please post some quantitative results?


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