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Re: Note INCLXX plus ABLA/PRECO (Alexey Solovyev)
Date: 03 Mar, 2016
From: Davide Mancusi <Davide Mancusi>

On Wed, 24 Feb 2016 10:47:37 GMT, Alexey Solovyev wrote:
> Hello, I found the example of coupling INCLXX with ABLA in
> BookForAppliDev.pdf on p. 193, where it simply registered with
> theINCLInterface->SetDeExcitation(theAblaInterface);

Judging by the page number, I guess you are looking at v10.0. Please use v10.1 of the Application Developers Guide, since the code snippet in v10.0 contains a known bug.

> On the other side, e.g. at
> source/physics_lists/builders/src/ the
> Precompound model registered both as the INCLXX parameter (theModel =
> new G4INCLXXInterface(thePreCompoundModel);) and independently as the
> model for ProtionInelasticProcess (aP->RegisterMe(thePreCompoundModel);)

Right. The PRECO model that is passed as an argument to the G4INCLXXInterface constructor is actually just there to make sure that INCL++ never gets used below 1 MeV, even if a (custom) physics lists asks to do so. This will happen even if you do

  new G4INCLXXInterface(NULL);

The rationale is twofold. First, INCL++ below 1 MeV is pure silliness, and second, it has a really hard time generating events, let alone *meaningful* ones.

> Should I also register theAblaInterface same way as the Precompound
> model as independent process?

No, you shouldn't, even if I think the class hierarchy would let you do that. It would make little sense, because ABLA only provides an incomplete description of the reaction (it only describes the de-excitation stage), despite the fact that G4AblaInterface derives from G4VPreCompoundModel.

> And what will happen, for example, if I
> take G4HadronPhysicsINCLXX() in my physics list, and than shift to use
> ABLA as suggested if AppliDev manual. Whether all 3 cascades will be
> used (PRECO < 2 MeV because it registered, INCLXX+ABLA > 1 MeV because I
> shifted it)?

You will end up using INCLXX+ABLA above 1 MeV and PRECO+G4ExcitationHandler below 2 MeV. The snippet in the Application Developers Guide (and the useAbla macro, see below) only modifies the de-excitation model used by INCL++ (which, by the way, does not use any pre-equilibrium stage).

> And what will happen if I use /process/had/inclxx/useAbla in the same
> case of G4HadronPhysicsINCLXX() where PRECO registered by default?

Same as above. For the sake of simplicity, I would recommend that you use the /process/had/inclxx/useAbla macro to invoke the ABLA coupling. Please post back here if you have problems.

Hope that helps, Davide

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