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None Re: Segmentation Fault (core dumped) 

Forum: Hadronic Processes
Re: None Segmentation Fault (core dumped) (Christopher Cotter)
Date: 23 Feb, 2016
From: michel maire <michel maire>

On Mon, 22 Feb 2016 17:40:12 GMT, Christopher Cotter wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm receiving some very strange results that have me stumped. I'm still
> learning my way around Geant4, so this could possibly be something easy.
> I've been working on a modified version of example Hadr03. I've modified
> the geometry, added a few isotope definitions, and re-enabled secondary
> particle tracking in I've added calls to the
> following physics lists, along with activating
> G4HadronPhysicsQGSP_BIC_HP that was included but disabled by default:
> G4DecayPhysics G4IonBinaryCascadePhysics G4StoppingPhysics
> G4RadioactiveDecayPhysics G4EmStandardPhysics_option3
> I'm getting Segmentation fault (core dumped) if I go over either a
> certain initial incident proton energy (~1MeV) or exceed a certain
> number of histories. The strange part is that it will immediately return
> this fault if I set a small number of initial histories (1 or 10), but
> will display several hundred histories before crashing if I set the
> history count to >1000.
> I've noticed that if I disable EmStandardPhysics, my initial protons
> will pass through a 30cm water of phantom much too regularly...I'm
> trying to aim at a target 15cm deep, which should require ~150MeV
> protons.
> Is there some overlap in physics lists that I'm missing, or something
> similar?
> Thank you, -Chris

 In a previous thread (1509), we wrote :
  "  Hadr03 is designed to survey nuclear reactions.
  It assumes one interaction per event, and only one.
  There is a mechanism to build a string per nuclear channel. Also, nuclear interaction length is computed as the mean value of the unique step of the incident particle.
  If you allow secondary particles to travel and to become incident projectiles, all those things do not work or become wrong. "

 To develop a complete application, please start from Hadr06.

     Cheers,  Michel

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