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None Simulation of Kr83m 

Forum: Hadronic Processes
Date: 22 Jan, 2016
From: L. Althüser <L. Althüser>

Hello all,

I am trying to use Kr83m events to 'calibrate' a Xenon time projection chamber. Therefore I directly create the Kr83m events confined to the Xenon volume inside. My questeion concerns the decays.

If I use and create Kr83m atoms in the following way it decays instantly with its whole energy (41keV). This can be seen in the spectrum which is attached and named 'etot'. In the attached file you can also find a histo called 'time' which shows the decay time of the Kr83m events (as well as some other histos..). This is also a bit out of the way ..

Previously I successfully performed the 'same' simulations with external sources like (137Cs, 60Co, 57Co). Thus I think that there is a mistake at creating the Kr83m events.

How would you create these atoms - is there any working example?

Note: I can not use Rb83 as an internal source. However this has also probelms with the decays. I have checked the hints given in .

Thanks for any and all help!

 **** in the macro ******************************************
 /Xe/gun/energy 0 keV
 /Xe/gun/particle ion
 /Xe/gun/ion 36 83 0 41.5437

 **** in the source messenger related to these functions ****
 // ion 
 m_pIonCmd = new G4UIcommand("/Xe/gun/ion", this);
 m_pIonCmd->SetGuidance("Set properties of ion to be generated.");
 m_pIonCmd->SetGuidance("[usage] /gun/ion Z A Q E");
 m_pIonCmd->SetGuidance("        Z:(int) AtomicNumber");
 m_pIonCmd->SetGuidance("        A:(int) AtomicMass");
 m_pIonCmd->SetGuidance("        Q:(int) Charge of Ion (in unit of e)");
 m_pIonCmd->SetGuidance("        E:(double) Excitation energy (in keV)");
 G4UIparameter *param;


 ion = m_pIonTable->GetIon(m_iAtomicNumber, m_iAtomicMass, m_dIonExciteEnergy);


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