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None PhotonEvaporation Decay Chain 

Forum: Hadronic Processes
Date: 04 May, 2015
From: Sebastian Heil <Sebastian Heil>

Hi everybody,

I've been using Geant4.10.00 so far for simulations of various successive gamma deexcitations. This was done by supplying user defined evaporation files.

When running the same code in Geant4.10.01p01, I noticed the decays are happening immediately. The bug report at pointed me towards G4ENSDFSTATEDATA. After setting the environment variable and adding the levels to the according file, the behaviour changed. The first decay now seems to use the lifetime given in the G4ENSDFSTATEDATA file. Furthermore, the decay energy and branching ratio for this decay are taken from the user defined evaporation file. However, the following excitation immediately decays with a single gamma and no lifetime, regardless of the G4ENSDFSTATEDATA and evaporation file.

Below I give an example of the file contents, the expectation and the observed results:

   12   30           100.0             1.0    0                   0
   12   30          1000.0             1.0    0                   0
   12   30          1500.0             1.0    0                   0

Evaporation File for z=12 A=30:
 100.000000   100.000000 100.00000 0+ 1.43e-1  0.00 ...
1000.000000   900.000000 100.00000 0+ 1.43e-1  0.00 ...
1500.000000   500.000000 100.00000 0+ 1.43e-1  0.00 ...

Particle produced with: G4ParticleDefinition* ion = G4IonTable::GetIonTable()->GetIon(12, 30, 1500*keV);

Expected behaviour: Three successive decays with 500, 900 and 100 keV and lifetimes of 1 ns each.

Observation: Seemingly in agreement with a lifetime of 1 ns the first dexcitation takes place with 500 keV, but in the same step the remaining excitation energy is emitted with a 1 MeV gamma.

Am I missing something here, is this the expected behaviour or is this a bug?

Best regards, Sebastian

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