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None Re: Alpha energies in Radioactive Decay are wrong! 

Forum: Hadronic Processes
Re: Warning Alpha energies in Radioactive Decay are wrong! (Kseniia Rezynkina)
Re: None Re: Alpha energies in Radioactive Decay are wrong! (Laurent Desorgher)
Date: 18 Jul, 2014
From: Laurent Desorgher <Laurent Desorgher>

Hi Vladimir,

Thanks for the tip, but I would prefer to get the mass atomic  info directly from G4Particle/Nuclei object.
As far as I see now, there are at least two sources of atomic mass in Geant4:
 the one used for nuclei based on AME06 
 the one use for material based on NIST.
My worry is that  these tables  could not be consistent for some isotopes and I prefer therefore to get the atomic mass used in the nuclei object.

Thanks anyway


Le 18 juil. 2014 à 12:35, Vladimir IVANTCHENKO a écrit :

> Hi Laurent,
> You may check G4NistManager::Instance()->GetAtomicMass(G4int Z, G4int N);
> VI
> On Fri, 18 Jul 2014, Laurent Desorgher wrote:
>> *** Discussion title: Hadronic Processes
>> Dear Ksenilia,
>> The following code to add directly after lines 248 of
>> G4NuclearDecayChannel::DecayIt(G4double)
>> else if (decayMode == Alpha){
>>   //Compute Q from nuclear mass, correct for daughterExcitation as it is not
>>   // in daughter mass at this level and as Qtransition does contain it
>>   //daughterExcitation is corrected again afterwards when calling  SetParentMass()
>>   G4double Q_nuc = G4MT_parent->GetPDGMass()-daughterNucleus->GetPDGMass()
>>                               -G4Alpha::Alpha()->GetPDGMass()-daughterExcitation;
>>   deltaM=Q_nuc-Qtransition;
>> }
>> will produce the correct alpha energy.
>> As such it does use the Q value given in the radioactive decay file. So
>> you can also modify this value if needed in you own database. I first
>> try to work with a solution where Q is directly computed from atomic
>> mass but it is at the moment, as far as I know, impossible to get this
>> atomic mass as public method in Geant4. That this why I rely on the Q of
>> the database for the mass correction deltaM. Note that the Q values in
>> the database are taken from ENSDF or from Qcalc program and these values
>> should be correctly computed from atomic masses.
>> Best regards
>> Laurent
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