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None X ray fluorescence folowing internal conversion 

Forum: Hadronic Processes
Date: 23 May, 2014
From: Mauricio Moralles <Mauricio Moralles>

I am trying to simulate the gamma ray spectrum of 239Np decay. Internal conversion is present in the gamma decay (photon evaporation) of some daughters. For example, in the gamma decay of excited 239Pu there is a strong 103 keV line correponding to K shell X rays following internal conversion (IC).

I followed the examples rdecay01 and rdecay02, including the RadioactiveDecay processes and I turned on fluo, Auger, IC and ARM. The electrons produced in the IC are simulated, but the X rays that follow the internal conversion are not produced.

I am using Geant4.9.6

---------------------part of my PhysicsList ---------------------------------
  G4RadioactiveDecay*  theRadioactiveDecay = new G4RadioactiveDecay();
  theRadioactiveDecay->SetICM(true);                //Internal Conversion
  theRadioactiveDecay->SetARM(true);               //Atomic Rearangement

  G4PhysicsListHelper* ph = G4PhysicsListHelper::GetPhysicsListHelper();  
  ph->RegisterProcess(theRadioactiveDecay, G4GenericIon::GenericIon());

  // Deexcitation (in case of Atomic Rearangement)
  G4UAtomicDeexcitation* de = new G4UAtomicDeexcitation();

In this forum there are some questions about this problem, message 778 (2007) but they were not completely answered. The problem was not resolved.

I would appreciate if someone knows how to solve this problem. This problem is not addressed in the Release Notes of Geant10.0, nor in the "Planned developments for 2014".

Thanks in advance.

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