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Question How to modify Hadr00 to work with LEND data ? 

Forum: Hadronic Processes
Date: 05 Sep, 2013
From: sylvian kahane <sylvian kahane>


I run Hadr00 with ShieldLEND physics list (with a neutron projectile).

I wanted to look specifically for a cross section not available (?) in HP (in any case the name G4_He3 does not exits). The run (/run/beamOn) proceeds smoothly but in order to extract the He3 xs I changed the HistoManager::EndOfRun with

  const G4Element* elm = new G4Element("He3","He3" , 2., 3.*g/mole);
  const G4Material* mat = new G4Material("He3", 2.0, 3.*g/mole, 1.e-4*g/cm3);

At this point the run produced a segmentation fault.

I also observed some misspelling in the neutron processes and cross-sections:

                                  Hadronic Processes for <neutron>
          hadElastic  Models:                hElasticCHIPS: Emin(GeV)= 0.0195  Emax(GeV)= 100000
                                               LENDElastic: Emin(GeV)=    0  Emax(GeV)= 0.02

          hadElastic  Crs sctns:   LENDElasitcCrossSection: Emin(GeV)=    0  Emax(GeV)= 0.02
                                     ChipsNeutronElasticXS: Emin(GeV)=    0  Emax(GeV)= 100000
                                            GheishaElastic: Emin(GeV)=    0  Emax(GeV)= 100000

    NeutronInelastic  Models:                         FTFP: Emin(GeV)=    4  Emax(GeV)= 100000
                                            BertiniCascade: Emin(GeV)= 0.0199  Emax(GeV)= 5
                                             LENDInelastic: Emin(GeV)=    0  Emax(GeV)= 0.02

    NeutronInelastic  Crs sctns:      NeutronHPInelasticXS: Emin(GeV)=    0  Emax(GeV)= 0.02
                                 JENDLHEInelasticCrossSection: Emin(GeV)=    0  Emax(GeV)= 100000
                                       Barashenkov-Glauber: Emin(GeV)=    0  Emax(GeV)= 100000
                                 LENDEInelasitcCrossSection: Emin(GeV)=    0  Emax(GeV)= 0.02
                                       Barashenkov-Glauber: Emin(GeV)=    0  Emax(GeV)= 100000
                                          GheishaInelastic: Emin(GeV)=    0  Emax(GeV)= 100000

note the LENDElasitc and LENDInelasitc.

May be the segmentation fault is related to this.


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to: "How to modify Hadr00 to work with LEND data ?"

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