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Re: Question Can I set Energy Threshold for nKiller Process? (Bogdanov Aleksey)
Re: Idea Re: Can I set Energy Threshold for nKiller Process? (Vladimir Ivanchenko)
Date: 22 Sep, 2012
From: Tom Roberts <Tom Roberts>

On Fri, 21 Sep 2012 15:48:54 GMT, Vladimir Ivanchenko wrote: > If you are using reference Physics List the [neutron] killer is already there.

I am puzzled by this, in geant4-09-05-patch-01. Using either QGSP_BERT or QGSP_BERT_HP, I see no nKiller process.

For QGSP_BERT_HP here is the output from /process/list (ZStepLimiter and StepLimiter are mine):
     Transportation,                msc,              hIoni,            ionIoni
              eIoni,              eBrem,            annihil,               phot
              compt,               conv,             hBrems,          hPairProd
              muMsc,             muIoni,            muBrems,         muPairProd
        CoulombScat,    PhotonInelastic,     ElectroNuclear,    PositronNuclear
              Decay,         hadElastic,   NeutronInelastic,           nCapture
           nFission,    ProtonInelastic,  PionPlusInelastic, PionMinusInelastic
  KaonPlusInelastic, KaonMinusInelastic, KaonZeroLInelastic, KaonZeroSInelastic
AntiProtonInelastic,AntiNeutronInelastic,    LambdaInelastic,AntiLambdaInelastic
SigmaMinusInelastic,AntiSigmaMinusInelastic, SigmaPlusInelastic,AntiSigmaPlusInelastic
   XiMinusInelastic,AntiXiMinusInelastic,    XiZeroInelastic,AntiXiZeroInelastic
  DeuteronInelastic,    TritonInelastic,       ZStepLimiter,        StepLimiter

Here are the details for proton, neutron, and mu+:
proton    PDGid=2212  mass=938.272 MeV/c^2
          Processes: Transportation msc hIoni hBrems hPairProd hadElastic
                     ProtonInelastic ZStepLimiter StepLimiter
neutron   PDGid=2112  mass=939.565 MeV/c^2
          Processes: Transportation Decay hadElastic NeutronInelastic nCapture
                     nFission ZStepLimiter StepLimiter
mu+       PDGid=-13  mass=105.658 MeV/c^2
          Processes: Transportation muMsc muIoni muBrems muPairProd
                     CoulombScat Decay ZStepLimiter StepLimiter

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