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Question G4NDL4.0 format summary and gamma energies?  

Forum: Hadronic Processes
Date: 07 Jun, 2012
From: Malachi Schram <Malachi Schram>

Q1) Where can I find a summary of the G4NDL4.0 data format?
    I would like to know where the excited state gamma energies are stored.
Q2) How does Geant4.9.5.x determine the gamma energies for neutron reactions?
    Specifically, which class (method, etc.) assigns the energy?

I am interested in the following process:
 n + 35Cl -> 35S*+p, where 35S* is an exited state (including ground state)

This is an inelastic process, therefore my physics process/model include:
      //Inelastic neutron
      G4NeutronInelasticProcess* NeutronInelasticProcess = new G4NeutronInelasticProcess();
      //High Precision Neutron Data model
      G4NeutronHPInelastic* NeutronInelasticModel = new G4NeutronHPInelastic();
      NeutronInelasticModel->SetMaxEnergy( 20.0*MeV );
      NeutronInelasticModel->SetMinEnergy( 0.0*MeV );

With this snippet of code the reaction does happen, however, it does not yield the proper gamma energies.
Consequently, I am trying to find out how Geant4.9.5.x assigns the gamma energies for the aforementioned process.

Thank you in advance for your help,


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