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Question Inelastic interaction models and cross sections 

Forum: Hadronic Processes
Date: 04 Apr, 2012
From: <HadronTherapy_Aachen>


I've got several questions concerning inelastic interaction models in Geant4. The physics models we use are binary cascade (protons, neutrons) and the binary light ions cascade for ions. Our primary particle is a C12 ion, which is targeted on a PE target.

Considering an interaction of a primary C12 with a proton in the PE target, the first question would be which cascade (binary or light ion binary) is used for a possible inelastic reaction, since in binary light ion cascade the lightest particle (here: proton) is considered as projectile? If it's binary light ion cascade, the Tripathi and Shen total cross sections are used.

Precompound is the default de-excitation model for the excited nuclei after cascade. Is there an evaporation model standardly invoked for de-excitation after precompound de-excitation? Maybe G4Evaporation, Fermi-Breakup, SMF etc. or even all?

Since the channel cross sections for producing specific fragments, e.g. C10 in the reaction p + C12 -> C10 + X have sparse data (see EXFOR database plot in attachment), I would like to know, how these channel cross sections are implemented? Is there some kind of parametrization?

I hope you can answer some of these questions. Thanks in advance.



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