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None Neutron Elastic scattering - memory leak (QGSP_BERT_HP and others) 

Forum: Hadronic Processes
Date: 09 Feb, 2012
From: Marcin Kasztelan <Marcin Kasztelan>


It is probably a bug in the classes responsible for the elastic scattering of neutrons (but probably not only).

My version geant4:
"************************************************* ************
Geant4 version Name: geant4-09-05-ref-00 (2-December-2011)
Copyright: Geant4 Collaboration
Reference: NIM A 506 (2003), 250-303
************************************************** *********** "

The problem is the consumption of large amounts of memory by the program during the simulation.
I noticed this in your program, but to be sure that it's not my fault, I checked that the
in the example provided with geant4 this problem can be reproduced.

You can reproduce the problem using:

in the script please change:
/testhadr/Physics QGSP_BERT_HP
/gun/particle neutron
/gun/energy 1 eV
/run/beamOn 100000

When you run this example and the suspicion that the amount of memory consumed by the program (eg "top" program), we see that very quickly disappears system memory for us.
This is probably a memory leak.

I did some searching for the error. I noticed that the problem lies in the flexible model
scattering, but probably in a class G4WHadronElasticProcess or its derivatives.
I do not know enough geant4 to deal with the precise localization of the error, but certainly more
I was looking for.

Please help, however, and possibly repair this error.
In previous versions geant4 this error did not occur. (I guess he was not even in geant4.9.5-beta)

Marcin Kasztelan

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