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Question Neutron Detection - No Neutron Interactions 

Forum: Hadronic Processes
Date: 11 Jul, 2011
From: Eric <Eric>

Hi All-

I'm modeling a geometry that is a Li6 scintillator along with some acrylic. For the moment I borrowed pieces of the physics list from the underground advanced example as shown below. My understanding was that using this physics list would include the cross sections for the various materials. I am launching neutrons in the range of a few MeV, but getting no interactions whatsoever with my geometry. I'm wondering if the cross sections for the different materials are not included automatically, and how I would include the cross sections if that were the case? Or if there is another possible explanation that someone who is a little more versed in neutron simulations could provide? Thanks in advance.


Physics List Code:

//// Hadronic processes ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

// Elastic processes: #include "G4HadronElasticProcess.hh"

//Inelastic Processes: #include "G4NeutronInelasticProcess.hh"

// Neutron high-precision models: <20 MeV

#include "G4NeutronHPElastic.hh"
#include "G4NeutronHPElasticData.hh"
#include "G4NeutronHPCapture.hh"
#include "G4NeutronHPCaptureData.hh"
#include "G4NeutronHPInelastic.hh"
#include "G4NeutronHPInelasticData.hh"
#include "G4LCapture.hh"

// Stopping processes

#include "G4PiMinusAbsorptionAtRest.hh"
#include "G4KaonMinusAbsorptionAtRest.hh"
#include "G4AntiProtonAnnihilationAtRest.hh"
#include "G4AntiNeutronAnnihilationAtRest.hh"

// ConstructHad()
// Makes discrete physics processes for the hadrons, at present limited
// to those particles with GHEISHA interactions (INTRC > 0).
// The processes are: Elastic scattering and Inelastic scattering.
// F.W.Jones  09-JUL-1998
void CYL_ST_PhysicsList::ConstructHad() 
  G4HadronElasticProcess* theElasticProcess = new G4HadronElasticProcess;
  G4LElastic* theElasticModel = new G4LElastic;

  while ((*theParticleIterator)()) 
      G4ParticleDefinition* particle = theParticleIterator->value();
      G4ProcessManager* pmanager = particle->GetProcessManager();
      G4String particleName = particle->GetParticleName();

      if (particleName == "neutron") {
	// elastic scattering
	G4HadronElasticProcess* theNeutronElasticProcess = 
	  new G4HadronElasticProcess;
	G4LElastic* theElasticModel1 = new G4LElastic;
	G4NeutronHPElastic * theElasticNeutron = new G4NeutronHPElastic;
	G4NeutronHPElasticData * theNeutronData = new G4NeutronHPElasticData;

// inelastic scattering
	G4NeutronInelasticProcess* theInelasticProcess =
	  new G4NeutronInelasticProcess("inelastic");
	G4LENeutronInelastic* theInelasticModel = new G4LENeutronInelastic;
	G4NeutronHPInelastic * theLENeutronInelasticModel =
	  new G4NeutronHPInelastic;
	G4NeutronHPInelasticData * theNeutronData1 = 
	  new G4NeutronHPInelasticData;

// capture
	G4HadronCaptureProcess* theCaptureProcess =
	  new G4HadronCaptureProcess;
	G4LCapture* theCaptureModel = new G4LCapture;
	G4NeutronHPCapture * theLENeutronCaptureModel = new G4NeutronHPCapture;
	G4NeutronHPCaptureData * theNeutronData3 = new G4NeutronHPCaptureData;
	//  G4ProcessManager* pmanager = G4Neutron::Neutron->GetProcessManager();
	//  pmanager->AddProcess(new G4UserSpecialCuts(),-1,-1,1);


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