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Question Geant4 accuracy for cold and ultracold neutron scattering 

Forum: Hadronic Processes
Date: 02 May, 2011
From: Evan Askanazi <Evan Askanazi>

So I had asked on a previous new hadronic thread, the following :

Has there been tests to determine how accurately geant4 measures the rate of scattering of cold and ultracold neutrons in Aluminum or indeed in any kind of metal that is in the geant4 database ? I am looking to launch a set of 1000 neutrons at the center of the face of one of the Aluminum blocks , starting from just outside the Aluminum block. The block is one cubic meter. So I was wondering if there is any paper or presentation or source of info that has experiments or validity tests so I can see how accurately the High Precision Neutron Model measures the elastic scattering, inelastic scattering, neutron capture and other processes that occur when cold neutrons, around 0 to 20 or so eV, in this case 2 meV, are launched into a metal target, with the metal taken to be one in the geant4 HP database like Aluminum.

So i was looking to post this as its own question because I was still very much interested in knowing the answer for this. What is the extent that Geant4 tests have shown valid results, both for approximating neutron, (and other subatomic particles for example protons and positrons ) scattering, and in particular in the cold and ultra cold neutron energy ranges where the Born Approximation and scattering cross sections by themselves are no longer valid because we need to look at the neutrons' tendencies to re-scatter that that range.

I had also asked about Aluminum being in the Geant4 data library, but that is no longer an issue as I had eventually found out how to check which elements are in Geant4 Neutron Data library. But any info on the inquiry above would be greatly appreciated.

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to: "Geant4 accuracy for cold and ultracold neutron scattering"

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