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Question 152Eu 

Forum: Hadronic Processes
Date: 10 Feb, 2011
From: Lise-Lotte Andersson <Lise-Lotte Andersson>

Hi, I have been simulation a radioactive source on a holder to mimic a test I can do in the experimental hall and compare the reliability of the simulation.

At the mometn I simulated 133Ba and 152Eu using the decay files in RdioactiveDecay3.3 and PhotonEvaporation2.1. For the 133Ba spectrum all is fine. The simulated spectrum fits the experimental really well when they are normalised to each other and I am happy with the general results.

For the 152Eu source on the other hand many of the peaks fit really nice but for the peaks at 367,563,678,1212,1298 and 1408 small overestimations arise plus a really BIG over estimation of the intensity by the simulation for the peak at 778 keV. I cannot figure out why all the peaks in between fits more or less perfectly but the mentioned ones where the 778 comes out totally over estimated. I see no trends like the higher the energy the more the disagreement.

I have opened the different data files to see bracing for decay and gammas being emitted but they look alright to me (granted there are a few 1000 numbers in each daughter file so I have only checked the ones I thought were important).

It should also be noted that all energies agree as expected (I can simulate a smooth and realistic efficiency curve for our detectors) if I make up my own nucleus and place that on the source holder -- my ideal nucleus decays by 100% EC into one excited state of the daughter which decays 100% with gamma into the ground state. Thus the simulations seem to work in principle it is just the 152Eu source that misbehaves.

Do you have any idea why the simulation overestimates some peaks and the 778 keV peak in particular? It does not seem like I am doing something wrong. Have you had problems reported regarding this previously?

Thanks a lot, Lise

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