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Question Problems with neutron physics list in an energy range 

Forum: Hadronic Processes
Date: 20 Dec, 2010
From: Manuel Castro Avila <Manuel Castro Avila>

Hi everyone,

I am using the following neutron physic list into my simulation:

 // Inelastic
G4NeutronInelasticProcess* theInelasticProcess = new 4NeutronInelasticProcess();
G4LENeutronInelastic* model1 = new G4LENeutronInelastic();
G4NeutronHPInelasticData* theNeutronData1 = new G4NeutronHPInelasticData;

 // Capture
G4HadronCaptureProcess* theCaptureProcess = new G4HadronCaptureProcess;
G4LCapture* captureModel = new G4LCapture();
G4NeutronHPCaptureData* theNeutronData3 = new G4NeutronHPCaptureData;

 // elastic scattering
G4HadronElasticProcess* theNeutronElasticProcess = new G4HadronElasticProcess;
G4LElastic* theElasticModel1 = new G4LElastic;
G4NeutronHPElasticData * theNeutronData = new G4NeutronHPElasticData;

G4HadronFissionProcess* fissionProc = new G4HadronFissionProcess();
G4LFission* fissionModel = new G4LFission();

So, I ran some simulations using neutrons with energy between 0.8-100 Mev and all worked without problems. Now I try to use neutrons between 100-4000 MeV and when I run the simulation, appears an error:

### Run 1 start. Start Run processing. 0 Segmentation fault

if I comment all the Inelastic physics, the simulation run without problems. I checked about the Inelastic model G4LENeutronInelastic, and it works in the energy range which I use the neutrons (100-4000 MeV).

I would like your help, because I do not know what is wrong???



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