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None Re: neutron interaction  

Forum: Hadronic Processes
Re: None neutron interaction (Davinder Siwal)
Date: 08 Sep, 2010
From: Randolph Moellenberg <Randolph Moellenberg>

You can easily add processes to the predefined geant4 physics list, if you use a modular physics list. You need to define a PhysicsList which is derived from the class G4VModularPhysicsList

class YourPhysicsList : public G4VModularPhysicsList
 //.. your code

In the constructor you can register parts of the predefined geant4 physics list and add your own processes. The following code registers the QGSP_BERT_HP physics list with an own optic model:

YourPhysicsList::YourPhysicsList(): G4VModularPhysicsList()
  RegisterPhysics( new G4EmStandardPhysics(1));

  RegisterPhysics( new G4EmExtraPhysics("extra EM"));  

  RegisterPhysics( new G4DecayPhysics("decay",1) );

  RegisterPhysics( new G4HadronElasticPhysics("elastic",1,true));

  RegisterPhysics( new HadronPhysicsQGSP_BERT_HP("hadronQGSP_BERT_HP",true));

  RegisterPhysics( new G4QStoppingPhysics("stopping",1,true));

  RegisterPhysics( new G4IonPhysics("ion"));

  RegisterPhysics( new YourOPPhysics("optical"));

Now you only need to register your modular phyiscs list, like any other physics list:

runManager->SetUserInitialization(new YourPhysicsList);

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