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Sad Error in G4NeutronHPFissionData::GetCrossSection() 

Forum: Hadronic Processes
Date: 07 Apr, 2010
From: Cristian Bungau <Cristian Bungau>


I am trying to simulated the neutron propagation in Thorium, and since Th232 does not undergo fission, the fission processes should not be present. If I run the code without the $G4NEUTRONHP_SKIP_MISSING_ISOTOPES variable, the fission cross-section of U232 will be used and the fission processes will occur. In this case the code runs without any error messages...

However since there is no fission in reality, I am setting the $G4NEUTRONHP_SKIP_MISSING_ISOTOPES variable to 1, and the fission cross-section is set to 0, which is fine. But now, immediately after a (low energy) neutron enters the Thorium, I am getting a segmentation violation error in G4NeutronHPFissionData::GetCrossSection(), error which I don't get if I use previous (e.g. gean4.9.2.p02) versions of geant4, and the code stops running.

The error message (as I said present ONLY in geant4.9.3) is:

========== STACKS OF ALL THREADS ==========

Thread 1 (process 24537 thread 0x10b):

#0  0x9362f189 in wait4 ()
#1  0x9364e841 in system ()
#2  0x044bdcb8 in TUnixSystem::StackTrace ()
#3  0x044c05d9 in TUnixSystem::DispatchSignals ()
#4  0x044c0727 in SigHandler ()
#5  <signal handler called>
#6  0x0139ae88 in G4NeutronHPFissionData::GetCrossSection ()
#7  0x022091b3 in G4CrossSectionDataStore::GetCrossSection ()
#8  0x02209314 in G4CrossSectionDataStore::GetCrossSection ()
#9  0x00fe3c14 in G4HadronicProcess::GetMeanFreePath ()
#10 0x000bef8d in G4VDiscreteProcess::PostStepGetPhysicalInteractionLength ()
#11 0x025dd9d7 in G4SteppingManager::DefinePhysicalStepLength ()
#12 0x025dc69f in G4SteppingManager::Stepping ()
#13 0x025e3ad2 in G4TrackingManager::ProcessOneTrack ()
#14 0x025114c4 in G4EventManager::DoProcessing ()
#15 0x00a88d92 in G4RunManager::DoEventLoop ()
#16 0x00a89ff1 in G4RunManager::BeamOn ()
#17 0x00a8ced5 in G4RunMessenger::SetNewValue ()
#18 0x02e147b1 in G4UIcommand::DoIt ()
#19 0x02e1cda6 in G4UImanager::ApplyCommand ()
#20 0x02e08094 in G4UIbatch::ExecCommand ()
#21 0x02e082eb in G4UIbatch::SessionStart ()
#22 0x02e1b8cd in G4UImanager::ExecuteMacroFile ()
#23 0x02e1ad02 in G4UIcontrolMessenger::SetNewValue ()
#24 0x02e147b1 in G4UIcommand::DoIt ()
#25 0x02e1cda6 in G4UImanager::ApplyCommand ()

I would be very grateful for any suggestions in how to sort out this problem.

Thank you,


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