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Question editing novice example N02 geometry 

Forum: Geometry
Date: 29 Sep, 2009
From: Nick Laver <Nick Laver>

Good Evening all,

Im hoping this is a pretty easy one to answer and one I have failed to see because I am looking to hard to see what is infront of me... I have been editing Novice Example N02 to fit in with what I want to achieve but have become abit stuck mainly because I dont really have too much of an amazing understanding of C++ (yet !) thus far I have edited the materials used in the example and reduced the number of additional chambers to 1 which is a fraction of a cm in size, I however cannot figure out how to edit the shape of the geometry or its dimensions.

I have edited the numbers in the file in the section

 solidChamber = new G4Box("chamber", 100*cm, 100*cm, 10*cm); 
  logicChamber = new G4LogicalVolume(solidChamber,ChamberMater,"Chamber",0,0,0);

  G4double firstPosition = -trackerSize + 0.5*ChamberWidth;
  G4double firstLength = fTrackerLength/10;
  G4double lastLength  = fTrackerLength;

but when rerunning the example the dimensions do not appear to have changed so I can only presume they are the wrong numbers to edit.

I am hoping to change the vessel into a circle/cylinder which has stainless steel walls and is filled with gas/oil/water/sand (only one material at a time)

Perhaps more ambitiously I am hoping also to cover the outside of my vessel with scintillation detectors which output data into different excel files (or maybe the same excel file but different columns) so I can collect information on both the energy of photons scattered in the vessel and also the angle they are scattered by (although one scintillator will be sufficient because photon energies are my primary concern, and scattering angle is somewhat of an ambitious afterthought)

I know this is all quite ambitious given my evident lack of know how but I am hoping somebody can point me in the right directions and it is alot simpler than I think.

I have attached 2 drawing of that I could like to achieve (because Im sure my explanation is pretty poor), the one which has been produced from a screen drop of my current geometry I feel is perhaps alittle more realistic.

gratitute in advance for anyone who can give me any help.



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