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Question GDML Assembly Won't Load 

Forum: Geometry
Date: 14 Sep, 2009
From: Mark McCrea <Mark McCrea>

I am attempting to use an assembly in a gdml file to simplify the placement of 27 volumes into a mother volume. I am testing loading the gdml files in example G01 from the geant4.9.2.p01/examples/extended/persistency/gdml/G01 directory. I can load a number of different user created geometries as well as the provided examples, but when I attempt to load a .gdml file that has an assembly declared in the structure the following occurs:

$ load_gdml Test2.gdml

Usage: load_gdml <intput_gdml_file:mandatory> <output_gdml_file:optional>

G4GDML: Reading 'Test2.gdml'...
G4GDML: Reading definitions...
G4GDML: Reading materials...
G4GDML: Reading solids...
G4GDML: Reading structure...

*** ExceptionHandler is not defined ***

*** G4Exception : ReadError
      issued by : G4GDMLReadStructure::StructureRead()
Unknown tag in structure: assembly

Severity : *** Fatal Exception ***

*** G4Exception: Aborting execution *** Abort trap

I am using geant4.9.2.p01, the GDML plugin is version 3.0.0, Xerces-c 3.0.1, and I am using a Macbook 5,1 OS X 10.5.8. Other geant4 examples have been successfully compiled and run so the overall geant4 setup seems to work.

The content of the Test2.gdml files is:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!DOCTYPE gdml [
	<!ENTITY materials SYSTEM "chamber_materials.xml">

<gdml xmlns:gdml="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="/Applications/GDMLSc/gdml.xsd">

	<constant name="HALFPI" value="pi/2."/>
	<constant name="PI" value="1.*pi"/>
	<constant name="TWOPI" value="2.*pi"/>
	<position name="center"/>
	<rotation name="identity"/>
	<rotation name="aligneSurX" y="HALFPI" />
	<rotation name="aligneSurY" x="HALFPI" />

	<element name="videRef" formula="VACUUM" Z="1">
		<atom value="1"/>
	<element name="aluminum" formula="Al" Z="13">
		<atom value="26.9815"/>
	<material name="ALUMINUM_Al" formula="ALUMINUM_Al">
		<D value ="2.7000" unit="g/cm3"/>
		<fraction n="1.0000" ref="aluminum"/>
	<material name="Vacuum" formula="Vacuum">
		<D value ="1E-25" unit="g/cm3"/>
		<fraction n="1.0" ref="videRef"/>

	<box name = "WorldBox" x= "0.5" y= "0.5" z= "0.5" lunit= "m" />
        <tube name = "TubeSol" rmin="0" rmax="0.1875" z="0.1875" deltaphi="2*pi" startphi="0" aunit="rad" lunit= "m"/>

	<volume name="TubeVol">
		<materialref ref="ALUMINUM_Al"/>
		<solidref ref="TubeSol"/>

        <assembly name="Test">
			<volumeref ref="TubeVol"/>
			<position name="posRef_6" x="0.0" y="0.0000" z="0.000"/>
			<rotationref ref="identity"/>

	<volume name="World">
		<materialref ref="Vacuum"/>
		<solidref ref="WorldBox"/>
		      <volumeref ref="TubeVol"/>
                      <position name = "posRef_2" x="0.0000" y="0.0000" z="0.0000"/>
                      <rotationref ref="identity"/>

<setup name="Default" version="1.0">
	<world ref="World"/>


It is a simplified file from a FASTRAD STEP to .gdml conversion that I want to use in my simulation. I used this to try to test if there is a part of the tesselated geometries that was causing the error, but the simplified .gdml file gives the same errors as the full files. The schema location will need to be replaced to run on other computers.

Is there a mistake in my GDML file?

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