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Question Documentation on CalculateExtent 

Forum: Geometry
Date: 03 Sep, 2009
From: Kareem Kazkaz <Kareem Kazkaz>

Hello GEANTers.

Does anybody have a good reference or documentation on what information CalculateExtent() returns? I've been going over the code, but I am getting bogged down in the conditionals and switch statements. Also, I don't know how to use G4VoxelLimits, and would appreciate an example or two of how they work. I can read the code, of course, but that doesn't necessarily tell me how to use the objects intelligently.

For example, consider a hollow cylinder oriented along the Z axis, with a half-length of 10 cm, an inner radius of 3 cm, and an outer radius of 4 cm. If I call CalculateExtent with kZAxis and no transformation, what are pmin and pmax set to? Are they set to +/-10 cm, or are they set to 0 (because the Z axis doesn't actually intercept any of the volume).

I assume if I call CalculateExtent with kXAxis or kYAxis, I get pmin = +/-4 cm. If I call with kRho, I assume I get 3 cm and 4 cm? What if I call with kRadial3D?

I am coding up this situation to find out for myself what values are returned, but I'm looking for a more generalized description than one only applicable to G4Tubs. So for any arbitrary shape built up of the standard shape, polyhedra, subtractions/unions/intersections, and so on, what is CalculateExtent intended to return?

Thanks for any and all help.

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