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Question Logic error: snxt = kInfinity ??? 

Keywords: logic error kinfinity Tolerance G4Orb G4Sphere
Forum: Geometry
Date: 07 Dec, 2007
From: Maddalena Antonello <Maddalena Antonello>

Dear G4 experts,

I have imported my Detector CAD geometry into my G4 application. I have translated the original STEP file into gdml format using the FASTRAD software with the highest available resolution. I had to use this high resolution in order to obtain reliable shapes. I compiled with geant4.4.9.0 patch 01.

When I run my simulation I get many times the message reported hereafter:

    *** Dump for solid - worldSphereRef ***
 Solid type: G4Sphere
    inner radius: 0 mm
    outer radius: 1650.3758 mm
    starting phi of segment  : 0 degrees
    delta phi of segment     : 360 degrees
    starting theta of segment: 0 degrees
    delta theta of segment   : 180 degrees

p.x() = 4.5019786721838578e+26 mm p.y() = -1.3689321005863043e+27 mm p.z() = -8.949937149591218e+26 mm

Rp = 1.6963687586960401e+27 mm


v.x() = 0.51668856815856656 v.y() = -0.30673219327495344 v.z() = 0.79934240794729927

Proposed distance :

snxt = 8.9999999999999999e+99 mm

*** G4Exception : Notification
      issued by : G4Sphere::DistanceToOut(p,v,..)
Logic error: snxt = kInfinity  ???
*** This is just a warning message.

I've also tried to set the tolerance relatively to my World Maximum Extent using G4GeometryManager::GetInstance()->SetWorldMaximumExtent(WorldExtent);

before constructing any geometry, but it had no effect.

Does somebody know how I could solve the problem?

Thank you


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