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None Re: problems in giving curvature to a geometry 

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Re: None problems in giving curvature to a geometry (rajani)
Date: 07 Nov, 2006
From: John Apostolakis <John Apostolakis>

Dear Rajani,

I will try to provide some information in response to your questions. As 
I have not understood parts of your posting, I am making some 
assumptions (see below) and also asking for more information.

rajani wrote:
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> Hi all!! Am trying to simulate a geometry where i make a cuboid that is
> hollow.I use 5 plates of neglegible thickness (as required by the
> experiment) to make it.

Did you create this,
  - by subtracting one volume from another
  - by making a union of boxes, each one a 'plate' of small thickness.
Else how ?

> 1) Now, i want to replicate this cuboid along first one dimension & then
> three dimensionally( 3 D is not required now) So, despite of trying
> using replication, i couldn't use it to replicate, so am using "for"
> loops. Could anyone please tell me the way to do it.

A replica slices its parent volume into different pieces.  So to create 
copies of an unusually shaped volume, you cannot use a G4Replica.

Simply creating several physical volumes from your logical volume, each 
displaced is a good solution.

> 2) Next, problem is i want to give curvature to my this replicated
> geometry. I tried using the polar coordinates by defining cosTheta &
> sinTheta & then try to change Theta,but the problem is regarding 5
> plates & the placement of them along different angles. 5plates forming a
> cuboid & varying in perfect angles so that they touch each other &
> constitute a series of capillaries. Am fixed,Is there ne way to do it
> easily? Can somebody please help me?

It is difficult to understand this.  Could you please try to explain 
whether you are putting together (union) different boxes, or creating 
your solid in another way.

If you have a graphics program that can create a gif, jpg or other 
simple picture, it would be good to post a link to this too.

> Hope i could make my problem understand. Thanking all Rajani

I hope that my first suggestions will help.  If you can provide further 
information, we can try to provide further suggestions.

Please also let us know your affiliation and the nature of the project 
that you are working on.

Best regards
John Apostolakis

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