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None parameterised voxels placement 

Forum: Geometry
Date: 17 Oct, 2006
From: Frédéric Guillaume <Frédéric Guillaume>


I am trying to score the dose of protons within a cubic water phantom. For that purpose I am trying to fill a 40x40x40 mm^3 cube with 512000 0.5x0.5x0.5 mm^3 voxels... The problem i get is that visualizing these voxels with jas displays a shift of the voxels (for example the middle voxel is not aligned with the middle of the world)... Is it an issue of the parameterisation or am I doing something wrong??? I am using the following codes:

 #### in detectorConstruction:

  // Water phantom  
  G4Box* FantomeSolid = new G4Box("FantomeSolid", 20.*mm, 20.*mm 20.*mm);

  G4LogicalVolume* FantomeLogical = new G4LogicalVolume(FantomeSolid, eau, "FantomeLogical");

  FantomePhys = new G4PVPlacement(0, G4ThreeVector( 0., 0., 0.), FantomeLogical, 
				      "FantomePhysical", mereFantomeLogical, false,0);

  G4Box* FantomeCell = new G4Box("FantomeCell", 0.25*mm, 0.25*mm, 0.25*mm);
  G4LogicalVolume* FantomeCellLogical = new G4LogicalVolume(FantomeCell, eau, "FantomeCellLogical");
  G4VPVParameterisation* cellParam = new ProtonCellParameterisation();

  new G4PVParameterised("FantomeCellPhysical", FantomeCellLogical, FantomeLogical,

 #### in ProtonCellParameterisation:

  void ProtonCellParameterisation::ComputeTransformation
  (const G4int copyNo,G4VPhysicalVolume *physVol) const
    G4double colonne = -19.75 + (float)(copyNo%80) / 2.;
    G4double ligne = -19.75 + (float)((copyNo/80)%80) / 2.;
    G4double slice = -19.75 + (float)((copyNo/6400)%80) / 2.;

    G4ThreeVector origine(ligne,colonne,slice);

Best Regards


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