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Re: Question Angle of Entry Optics (Ryan)
Date: 02 Aug, 2006
From: Gumplinger Peter <Gumplinger Peter>

Hi Ryan,

Sorry for the considerable delay in replying to your posting. I was away on vacation.

If your rods are metalic rods I suggest you follow the example of the 'metalic sphere' in /examples/extended/optical/LXe where a G4LogicalSkinSurface is defined for the metal object:

  //**Sphere surface properties
  G4double SphereReflectivity[num] = {...........};
  G4double SphereEfficiency[num] = {............};
  G4MaterialPropertiesTable* spherePT = new G4MaterialPropertiesTable();
  spherePT->AddProperty("REFLECTIVITY", Ephoton, SphereReflectivity, num);
  spherePT->AddProperty("EFFICIENCY", Ephoton, SphereEfficiency, num);
  G4OpticalSurface* OpSphereSurface =
    new G4OpticalSurface("SphereSurface",unified,polished,dielectric_metal);

NOTICE: the surface type is 'dielectric_metal' and the finish is

sphere = new G4Sphere("sphere",0.*mm,2.*cm,0.*deg,360.*deg,0.*deg,

sphere_log = new G4LogicalVolume(sphere,G4Material::GetMaterial("Al"),

new G4LogicalSkinSurface("sphere_surface",sphere_log,OpSphereSurface);

(We use 'SkinSurface' because the surface of the sphere, like your rods is the same on all "sides".)

HOWEVER, this does not really address your main concern:

> How do I make the rate (of reflection) increase as the angle of entry

> decreases?

This is not possible in G4 at the moment. The only way the reflectivity can vary is with photon energy (frequency). I assume your Reflection_Aluminium array specifies the reflectivity of your Al at perpendicular incidence and that's why you get the right result for perpendicular incidence (and only that result regardless of incident angle).

I can only suggest that you modify in such a way that you interpolate the reflectivity (from the G4MaterialsPropertiesTable); not only between photon energies but also between angles of incidence. I am talking about the code around line:

              if (PropertyPointer) {
                      theReflectivity =

I believe something like this has also been done for the X-ray telescope simulation but, off-hand, I don't remember where this is discussed.

If there is a functional dependence between the reflectivity at 0rad in the G4MaterialsPropertiesTable and at xrad, then just one line after the above will do:

G4double PdotN = OldMomentum * theGlobalNormal; G4double theta = std::acos(PdotN);

theReflectivity = function(theta) * theReflectivity;

(assuming OldMomentum and theGlobalNormal have already been assigned)

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