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Question Angle of Entry Optics 

Keywords: Angle of Entry OpticalPhoton
Forum: Geometry
Date: 14 Jul, 2006
From: Ryan <Ryan>

I am modeling a detector with many reflecting rods and need be able to reflect the photons at a high rate. I have specified the properties of aluminium and the reflection rates are correct when the angle is perpindicular. However, the rate is the same even on an entry angle of a few degrees. I know this since I tested it by shooting a thousand photons at a sensitive detector and it outputs the number of reflections. I have tried going with just polished, glisur, and not identifing a optical surface. The first two result in no relfections at all, the third gives the same result. How do I make the rate increase as the angle of entry decreases? Or is my test module flawed in some way?


G4double PhotonEnergyAl[AlEntries]=
	 	{10.0*eV, 9.0*eV, 8.0*eV, 7.0*eV, 6.0*eV, 5.64*eV,
                 5.17*eV, 4.79*eV, 4.43*eV, 4.13*eV, 3.94*eV, 3.87*eV,
                 3.65*eV, 3.44*eV, 3.26*eV, 3.10*eV, 2.76*eV, 2.48*eV, 
                 2.25*eV, 2.07*eV, 1.91*eV, 1.77*eV, 1.65*eV, 1.55*eV, 
                 1.46*eV, 1.38*eV, 1.31*eV, 1.24*eV, 0.83*eV, 0.62*eV, 
                 0.41*eV, 0.31*eV, 0.25*eV, 0.21*eV, 0.18*eV, 0.15*eV, 
                 0.14*eV, 0.12*eV, 0.08*eV, 0.06*eV, 0.04*eV, 0.02*eV, 
                 0.01*eV, 0.005*eV};


		G4double Reflection_Aluminium[AlEntries]=
			{.910, .910, .910, .910, .910, .915,
			.919, .922, .923, .923, .924, .924,
			.925, .925, .925, .924, .922, .918,
			.915, .911, .905, .897, .886, .867,
			.867, .891, .924, .940, .974, .978, 
			.980, .982, .984, .985, .986, .987,
			.987, .987, .989, .990, .992, .990,
			.990, .990};
		G4MaterialPropertiesTable* AlumMPT = new G4MaterialPropertiesTable();

G4OpticalSurface* OpHexSur = new G4OpticalSurface("OpticalTubeSurface");

(Object that is being tested, but there are other objects with the same surface)

G4LogicalBorderSurface* ReflectSur = new G4LogicalBorderSurface("ReflectorSurface", WorldPhys, ReflectPhys, OpHexSur);

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