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None placement of cylinder 

Keywords: placement of cylinder on cube
Forum: Geometry
Date: 28 Feb, 2006
From: rajani <rajani>

          I am facing a problem regarding the placement of cylinder of TUBS class
 I want to place a cylinder on top of a cube.I want to place the cylinder's height along the Yaxis,but it is being placed along the Z axis,for placement of cylinder ,there is no syntax defined for placing the height along what axis.
I am placing along Y axis in the PVPlacement,but still it is not working.

PART OF CODE ---------------------------------------------------------------- //define the cylinder

  G4double radius=10*cm;
  G4double height=40*cm;
  solidcyl = new G4Tubs("cylinder",                     //its name
                   0,radius,height,0,360*degree);       //its size

  logiccyl = new G4LogicalVolume(solidcyl,              //its solid
                                 steel,                 //its material
                                "cylinder");            //its name
  physicyl = new G4PVPlacement(0,                                              //no rotation
                               G4ThreeVector(0,detY/2+height,0) ,                //at (0,0,0)
                                logiccyl,                                     //its logical volume
                                "cylinder",                                   //its name
                                logicWorld,                                   //its mother  volume
                                false,                                        //no boolean operation
                                0);                                           //copy number

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Could anyone please help me Thank you

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