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Question cylinder overlapping 

Keywords: overlaping
Forum: Geometry
Date: 24 Nov, 2005
From: cognet marie-anne <cognet marie-anne>


I am a new user of GEANT4 and I am implementing the geometry of my detector. 
I tested it with DAVID to see if there was no bug and I have a problem :
I need to define 2 cylinders like this (in meter) :

G4double cyl1_demieH = 5.e-3;
G4double cyl1_Rayon_Ext = 1.e-2;
G4double cyl1_Rayon_Int = 0;
G4double pos_cyl1_x = 0;
G4double pos_cyl1_y = 0;
G4double pos_cyl1_z = 0;

G4double cyl2_demieH = 0.2e-3;
G4double cyl2_Rayon_Ext = 1.e-2;
G4double cyl2_Rayon_Int = 0;
G4double pos_cyl2_x = 0;
G4double pos_cyl2_y = pos_cyl1_y + cyl2_demieH + cyl1_demieH;
G4double pos_cyl2_z = 0;	

The two cylinders are rotated (axe X, angle Pi/2) : they are along the Y axis
They normally just touch.

When I use DAVID, they overlap ! 
But if I just change the thickness of the cylinder 2 (cyl2_demieH = 1e-2), there is no overlapping any more.
Or, if I just change my code deleting the rotation and doing the translation along the Z-axis, there is no overlapping any more too.

I don't understand what's happening. Where does this bug comme from ? my geometry, GEANT4 or DAVID ?
It may be quite a stupid question but I really appreciate if someone can give me an answer.

Thank you a lot in advance,

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