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Question Reloading Geometry with Region 

Forum: Geometry
Date: Jan 16, 23:46
From: Adrien MATTA <Adrien MATTA>

Hello everyone,

I am developing a geant4 based application ( I have implemented a mechanism in which the user can reload the geometry between two runs, and it worked well until I started using G4Region (not sure if this is linked, but the region are associated to G4FastSimulationModel).

I have a Clear Geometry Method that Open the geometry and Clean the various Store:

void DetectorConstruction::ClearGeometry(){

and a RedefineGeometry Method doing:

void DetectorConstruction::RedefineGeometry(std::string file){ 
 G4RunManager::GetRunManager()->PhysicsHasBeenModified() ; 

The Construct method is reading an ASCII file describing the setup and instantiating a new world volume and putting all the detector/target inside.

This methods worked flawlessly until I introduce a G4Region associated with the Target in which I call a G4FastSimulationModel to simulate a two-body reaction.

Now I can reload the geometry and see it in my GUI, but if try to simulate an event I got a G4 Exception telling me: "Default world region should have a unique logical volume".

I tried several things, like calling G4RegionStore::GetInstance()->Clean() in the clear geometry method, but that did not change much. I also tried to get the DefaultRegionForTheWorld and remove it root logical volume, but the exception keep showing up.

I guess there is a simple but critical step I am missing to properly remove the previous world volume associated with the default world region. Any help would be welcome.

Cheers, Adrien.

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