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Re: None Proper use of G4PVParameterised (Joseph DeCunha)
Date: 31 Jul, 2018
From: Michael H. Kelsey <Michael H. Kelsey>

On Mon, 30 Jul 2018 14:32:36 GMT, Joseph DeCunha wrote:
> I've been working with G4PVParameterised for some time now, and have
> just come across some code from a colleague and find that they
> initialize the class differently than I do. To remind you the primary
> constructor for G4PVParameterised is:
> G4PVParameterised (const G4String &pName, G4LogicalVolume *pLogical,
> G4LogicalVolume *pMotherLogical, const EAxis pAxis, const G4int
> nReplicas, G4VPVParameterisation *pParam, G4bool pSurfChk=false)
> I've referred to all of the resources I can find online and have found a
> satisfactory explanation for all of the arguments for G4PVParameterised
> except for pLogical. My question is, what is the pLogical input supposed
> to be? Does the shape of pLogical have to be the same as the
> parameterized volumes that are then placed many times?

Yes, exactly. The pLogical _is_ the little volume that is placed many times as daughters of pMotherLogical. I have an example where I'm modeling the lithography mask for a bunch of sensors on a wafer. pMotherLogical is a thin disk the size of the wafer, and pLogical is one sensor.

However, as discussed in the G4 Application Developer's Guide, you can only use a very small number of _simple_ shapes for pLogical. You can't build a complex boolean solid, and you can't even use some of the non-trivial CSG solids (like elliptical tubes).

  -- Michael Kelsey

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