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Question how to make copies in the form of a cylindrical array 

Forum: Geometry
Date: 12 Mar, 2018
From: Ivancovish Julian Huancco Mamani <Ivancovish Julian Huancco Mamani>


I was trying to make copies of geometries, but in my project, I have an external geometry which was taken from an external project, my instance is the following

	WinstonCone* cone = NULL;
	if (wicoModel->isSolid()) {
		cone = new SolidWinstonCone(wicoModel);
	} else {
		cone = new WinstonCone(wicoModel);

	// Determine position of the sensitive component.

	G4ThreeVector sdPos(0, 0, -wicoModel->getLength() / 2.);
	// Create sensitive component.

	G4SipmHousing* sipm = new G4SipmHousing(new G4Sipm(sipmModel));
		sipm->setPosition(sdPos - G4ThreeVector(0, 0, sipmModel->getThickness() / 2.));

So, I would like to make copies with a simple placement, I think is the easiest way to make copies, however, it does not work.

for (G4int i=0;i<25;i++)
    	    G4double x2 = (i-12)*10.*mm;
   	   new G4PVPlacement(0, sdPos - G4ThreeVector(x2, 0, 0.5 * CLHEP::mm), "sdPv", sdLv, physWorld, false, i,    false);

There is another way to make copies? and how this copies can be put in a cylindrical form, I mean 50 similar copies forming a cylinder.

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