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Forum: Geometry
Re: Question Error after creating the following geametry (Aqsa)
Date: 30 Jan, 2018
From: John Apostolakis <John Apostolakis>

Dear Aqsa,

The error which you copied in your message does not come from the compilation of the code, but from CMake.

So it says nothing about whether solidSideWall or logicSideWall are correct or not - the arguments can be all correct or could have been all wrong.

A) If the error message was only what you copied, then the compiler never saw them.

I suggest to try 2 things:
   1) re-run cmake in case this fixes the issue
   2) remove the build directory for your application and create a new one (hopefully this should take care of it.)
To do this correctly, please read carefully the instructions on creating it.

B)  If there was more to the error message, then check the line of your file which it mentions.

Best regards,
John Apostolakis
John Apostolakis,  EP Department, CERN

On 30 Jan 2018, at 06:35, Aqsa <<>> wrote:

*** Discussion title: Geometry


G4VSolid* solidSideWall=        new G4Trap("SideWall",

G4LogicalVolume* logicSideWall= new G4LogicalVolume(solidSideWall,
Tungsten, "Trap", 0,0,0);

                                       new G4PVPlacement(0,

ERROR: CMakeFiles/PHOTO10.dir/build.make:158: recipe for target
'CMakeFiles/PHOTO10.dir/src/' failed make[2]:
*** [CMakeFiles/PHOTO10.dir/src/] Error 1
CMakeFiles/Makefile2:67: recipe for target 'CMakeFiles/PHOTO10.dir/all'
failed make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/PHOTO10.dir/all] Error 2 Makefile:127:
recipe for target 'all' failed make: *** [all] Error 2

NOTE: I tried to compile by erasing all other volumes in my Detector
Construction to avoid any kind of overlap but it still doesn't work. Is
there any mistake in creating the Trapezoid? What might be the problem?
Kindly, Help.

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