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Question Problems with Subtraction Solids 

Forum: Geometry
Date: 15 Nov, 2017
From: Bruno <Bruno>

Hi! I'm trying to subtract two solids and am getting a error message (the one I believe one would get from overlapping two surfaces, but I believe I am not doing so. I tried various debugging methods, and changed quantities here and there without results. The error is:
  Polyhedron not available for pPTFE05StockUpperCutTubSub1
  Touchable path: Laboratory 0 PTFE05 0 
  This means it cannot be visualized on most systems (try RayTracer).
  1) The solid may not have implemented the CreatePolyhedron method.
  2) For Boolean solids, the BooleanProcessor, which attempts to create
     the resultant polyhedron, may have failed.

So, I have a Polycone that consists of a cylinder with another higher radii cylinder in the bottom, basically. I'm trying to subtract a tube from it that'd make it so the upper face of the cylinder would have a protuberance. The code for my subtraction solid:

    G4double dPTFE05StockUpperCutTubInnerRadius = 43.00 * mm; //The radius of the upper part is 46.00, so nothing should be overlapping here
    G4double dPTFE05StockUpperCutTubOuterRadius = dPTFE05StockUpperCutTubInnerRadius + 20.0 * mm; //Same, and the radius of the lower higher radius cylinder is 54, so again nothing should be overlapping
    G4double      dPTFE05StockUpperCutTubHeight = 2 * (dPTFE05StockHeight1 - dPTFE05StockHeight3); //The height of the cylinder is 2*Height1 (which ends up being 28mm). This is 22.5mm * 2 so, again, nothing should overlap

    G4double dPTFE05StockUpperCutTubSubX = 0.00 * mm;
    G4double dPTFE05StockUpperCutTubSubY = 0.00 * mm;
    G4double dPTFE05StockUpperCutTubSubZ = dPTFE05StockHeight1; //Placing its center in 0,0,14mm in relation to the initial cylinder. So it should go down 22.5mm, up 22.5 and nothing overlapping again

    G4Tubs* pPTFE05StockUpperCutTub = new G4Tubs("PTFE05UpperCut", dPTFE05StockUpperCutTubInnerRadius, dPTFE05StockUpperCutTubOuterRadius, 0.5 * dPTFE05StockUpperCutTubHeight,-M_PI/6 + 0.1090831, 0.5 * M_PI - 0.1090831); //Just the radii and the height, the angles are complicated but basically it's calculated to span 107.5 degrees

    G4SubtractionSolid* pPTFE05StockPMTSub1 = new G4SubtractionSolid("pPTFE05StockPMTSub1", pPTFE05Stock, pPTFE05PMTSignalFT, dPTFE05StockPMTSubTransform1); //Transform1 is simply placing the thing at 0,0,15 and rotating it 120 degrees to be on the left upper part of the cylinder

Is anything here overlapping and I can't see? Sorry for the long post, any help is appreciated


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