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Re: Question Simulation of a nanostructured composite material (Gianluca De Zanet)
Date: 27 Sep, 2017
From: Michael H. Kelsey <Michael H. Kelsey>

On Wed, 27 Sep 2017 07:09:57 GMT, Gianluca De Zanet wrote:
> Hi everyone, I'm a newbie with Geant4 and I should need to use it for my
> MSc thesis to simulate the interaction between Galactic Cosmic Rays and
> radiation shields. I'm writing this post to ask if it's possible to
> simulate the nanostructure of a composite material made of Polyethylene
> and dispersed Carbon Nanotubes, and how I could do that. I mean, is it
> possible to represent the uniform distribution of particles inside the
> matrix, so that the radiation "feels" the difference between the two
> components?

Presumably the uniform dispersal is at a relatively high density, such that individual carbon nanotubes are separated by small, microscopic distances (microns) on average. If you only have a very few nanotubes scattered in the material, you could emplace them individually (or via G4PVParameterised) as daughter volumes of the polyethylene. However, that is NOT a good method for a true mixture, which is what I think you're describing.

With a mixture, as particles pass through the volume the code will choose which component of the mixture is interacted with at each step, and perform appropriately.

To do this, define a new G4Material, which is a mixture (by weight) of the two components G4_POLYETHYLENE (from the G4NistManager) and "carbon nanotubes." For the latter, you'll make them out of the element "C" (again from G4NistManager), and set the density to whatever is appropriate for your nanotubes. If the density of graphite is close enough for your purposes, then just use the G4_C material from the G4NistManager.

See the Application Developer's Guide or G4Material.hh file for how to define a mixture material.

  -- Michael Kelsey

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