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None Re: cadmesh can't work in geant 10.3 

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Re: None cadmesh can't work in geant 10.3 (yicong liu)
Date: 22 Jun, 2017
From: John Apostolakis <John Apostolakis>

Dear Liu Yi Cong,

The information that you provide is not enough in order to offer advice 
on how to address your issue.

As CADmesh is an external library, built on top of Geant4, it is 
difficult to know what component is responsible for the problem that you 
report.  In order to provide you in depth help, you will need to provide 
at least the call stack of the program which experienced the crash.

At the moment I can only offer a guess about the potential cause, and 
suggestions for providing more information.

If you are running the program in Xcode (or a similar IDE) it should be 
possible to find the call stack of code at the moment when the problem 
occurred. For example you can use the window which allows you to enter 
debugging commands to issue the command "backtrace" or "bt" if it is 
Xcode, or "where" if it is a gdb-based debugger in that environment.

To get the most information, you will need to have all relevant source 
code compiled using debug mode, so that you can inspect the source code 
of the method/function in which the problem occurs. That way it could be 
possible to provide better suggestions about how to address it.

If the window pane that you provide is accurate, and the problem happens 
in that line (68), then it seems to occur in CADmesh, in which case it 
is difficult to see how we (Geant4 developers) could help you.  You 
would have to see whether the CADmesh developers could address this issue.

Probably the best advice to you for the short term would be to move back 
to Geant4 10.2, but try to keep a separate extra installation of Geant4 
10.3 as well with which to test CADmesh and your application against, in 
order to try to resolve the problem.  ( It is easy to have multiple 
installations of Geant4 at the same time, and even to use the same 
directory with your application's source code, so long as the build 
areas when using the different Geant4 releases are separate.)

Best regards,

On 22.06.17 05:47, yicong liu wrote:
> *** Discussion title: Geometry
> Dear geant4 users and developers:
> Cadmesh work fine (maybe have memory leak) in geant 10.2. However, when
> I update Geant to 10.3, the basic example(contained in cadmesh) is
> crased. The screenshot is here.
> My programming level is not high, so I can't handle it by myself.
> Appreciate your help in advance.
>                                                                Liu Yi Cong
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