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Question CUBE 

Forum: Geometry
Date: 17 Jun, 2016
From: Lorena Vazquez <Lorena Vazquez>

Hi All,
I want to simulate a cube with diferents sizes for each face. 
The measures of every face are:
F1: (50.95x51.02)mm
F2: (51.15x50.07)mm
F3: (50.9x50.08)mm
F4: (51.25x50.65)mm
F5: (50.09x50.02)mm
F6: (50.75x52)mm
I try to simulate with the function called "GenericTrap".
It only use two parameters: pDz and Vertices, but when I run my program I have quite errors. I defined this way:
G4double pDz= 26*mm;
G4double vertices = {{0*mm,0*mm}, {5.25*mm,0*mm}, {0*mm,50.09*mm}, {50.95*mm,50.65*mm},{0*mm,0*mm}, {51.15*mm,0*mm}, {0*mm,50.08*mm}, {50.9*mm,50.75*mm}};
G4GenericTrap* solid_CUBE = new G4GenericTrap("BEGe_CUBE",pDz, vector<G4TwoVector>& vertices);
	G4ThreeVector positionCUBE = G4ThreeVector(0.*cm,0.*cm,3.305*cm);
G4LogicalVolume* logicCUBE =  new G4LogicalVolume(logicCUBE, PolyPropylene,"CUBE");
new G4PVPlacement(0, positionCUBE, logicCUBE, "CUBE", logicShieldingN2, false, 0, checkOverlaps);
I don't known how i have to do.
Can you help me?
Thanks in advance,

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