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None Material Definitions 

Forum: Geometry
Date: 02 Mar, 2016
From: Christopher Cotter <Christopher Cotter>

Hi all,

I'm trying to construct some theoretical materials out of specific isotopes, but I'm not sure they're registering correctly.

I'm trying to add varying concentrations by weight of, say, Ti50 in water from one part-per-million ("Oppm") to one hundred parts-per-million ("Hppm")...can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong? I know it's sloppy, but I couldn't think of any other way to define these concentrations:

//Defining Isotope
  G4Isotope* Ti50 = new G4Isotope("Ti50",22,50,49.9447921*g/mole);

//Defining Element
G4Element* Ti = new G4Element("Titanium","Ti", ncomponents=1);

  G4Material* OppmTi50 = new G4Material("OppmTi50",1.0000097199*g/cm3,ncomponents=2);
	OppmTi50->AddElement(Ti,fractionmass = 0.000277235*perCent);
	OppmTi50->AddMaterial(H2O,fractionmass = 99.999722765*perCent);
  G4Material* TppmTi50 = new G4Material("TppmTi50",1.0000971961*g/cm3,ncomponents=2);
	TppmTi50->AddElement(Ti,fractionmass = 0.002772280*perCent);
	TppmTi50->AddMaterial(H2O,fractionmass = 99.99722772*perCent);
  G4Material* HppmTi50 = new G4Material("HppmTi50",1.000971719*g/cm3,ncomponents=2);
	HppmTi50->AddElement(Ti,fractionmass = 0.027715888*perCent);
	HppmTi50->AddMaterial(H2O,fractionmass = 99.972284112*perCent);

Thanks, -Chris

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