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Re: None Smart voxelization for parameterised volume
Date: 13 Jan, 2016
From: Gabriele Cosmo <Gabriele Cosmo>

Hi Anders,

if with your parameterisation you generate a sphere randomly,
then you cannot use the voxelisation, as the voxels structure gets
generated statically at the beginning and does not change during the
run. Your parameterisation must be 'predictable', such that dimensions
and positions can be reproduced for the same run.
Note also that parameterisations can only apply to a single volume
(associated to a solid) and you cannot have two parameterisations
daughters of the same mother.

Cheers, Gabriele

On Tue, 12 Jan 2016 16:22:40 GMT, herr_apa wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a parameterised volume that consists of a moving ball
> (implemented as a G4Sphere). In ComputeDimensions, I set the position
> depending on the event number. In my DetectorConstruction, I do
> motherLogical->SetSmartless(nDaughters). Everything works fine for this
> setup.
> Now I want to change my parameterised volume such that the moving ball
> has a core and a surface layer. I have implemented this using one
> G4Sphere for the core and another G4Sphere for the surface (whose rMin
> is the rMax of the core). This setup doesn't work. I can make it work by
> doing motherLogical->SetSmartless(0), but that slows the simulation down
> drastically. Is there any way to obtain the "core + surface" geometry
> described above while still getting smart voxelization? Why does it not
> work now - Does the voxelizer become confused because one volume
> completely encloses the other?
> For completion: The way I test the setup is to move a lead ball around
> randomly in a large mother volume. For each event, I generate a single
> low-energy electron somewhere inside the ball. It should stop
> immediately. At the end of the run, if the number of hits recorded in
> the ball is the same as the number of events, then the setup works.
> Thanks a lot!
> // Anders

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