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Re: Question G4AssemblyVolumes with G4Regions (Ben Krikler)
Re: More Re: G4AssemblyVolumes with G4Regions (Gabriele Cosmo)
Date: 23 Oct, 2015
From: Ben Krikler <Ben Krikler>

Thanks for the response!

I understand. Out of the options you provide the first two would not be very practical in my current use case since the parent volume is considerably more than I would like to include in this region and a containing volume would require a pretty complex set of boolean solids to avoid overlapping with surrounding geometry (that's why I'm using an assembly volume in the first place).

The third option of looping over each constituent volume would be fine and I did look at implementing this approach already. However, G4AssemblyVolume doesn't provide a method to iterate over the constituent volumes themselves which I would need. The method `GetVolumesIterator()` returns an iterator to the placed volumes, which is only meaningful once the assembly has had `MakeImprint` called. Since there is not a `GetLogicalVolumeIterator()` method (presumably because this would expose the G4AssemblyTriplet class ?), I think your final suggestion of adding a set of helper methods to G4AssemblyVolume would be the nicest. Of course the assembly volume itself wouldn't need to be a RootLogicalVolume, but instead each constituent volume could be added to the region as a RootLogicalVolume as part of implementation of the new helper methods.

Thanks again for your response,


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