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Question Read/re-use/input geometry description from another file 

Forum: Geometry
Date: 16 Oct, 2015
From: <Fabio_Zeiser>


I wonder how I can read/re-use geometry description from another file. I want to take the geometry description of a single detector I already designed and import to another DetectorConstruction class file which should create an array from the first file.

I want to use some sort of inputstream, so that I don't have to maintain two files, when we change something on the basic detector construction.

A) From what I have seen in the examples, I could export the first set-up as a gdml or plain-text file and read it again. But can I also directy use the class (.cc file) I created before?
B) How would I dor example directly load the detector from example into a new file?
c) How do I deal with the world volumes of two detectors, that may then overlap? So assume I created a quite big world volume in, because I didn't think the size was important. Once I load the detector in an array (and created a largest volume, say ExperimentalHall), the "world volumes" of two detectors in the array potentially overlap. Although it's the same properties for the volumes, usually I want to avoid this, don't I? Is there another option then just manually going back and defining a smaller world volume in the file?

I'm sorry for asking probably very easy questions and I'd be very happy if you could also simply point out a tutorial/examples I should look up. (I guess I would come to ask this questions if I had more programming experience.)


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