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None BREPS tutorial / a rounded box as a single BREP solid? 

Forum: Geometry
Date: 13 Nov, 2013
From: Marek Szuba <Marek Szuba>


There are several objects I am now implementing in Geant4 geometry
which could best be described as boxes with rounded corners; the most
important of these is, as it happens, the most extreme form of this -
it is basically a box with two half-cylinders attached at +/-dX. I need
this object to be represented by a single volume because of its
internal structure, however I would rather avoid using a G4UnionSolid
because of performance considerations. Now, it seems such a shape would
be rather easy to describe with a BREP solid... except between many
BREP-solid features still being under development, somewhat terse
documentation of such solids and my limited experience with complex
geometry representations, I don't quite know how - or whether the
current state of BREPs in Geant even allows this. Therefore, I would
very much appreciate some hints on the following:
 - can such an object be created in Geant4 now? I work with version
 - are there any examples and/or tutorials on BREPs out there?
   Apparently the novice example N06 should contain something on that,
   however grepping through the source code of the aforementioned Geant
   version shows no mention of BREPs in example sources.

Thank you in advance for your help!

All the best,

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